Meet Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a self-sacrificer. I do whatever it takes to keep the equilibrium in my environment. I endure abuse to keep the beautiful house, in the beautiful neighborhood. I ignore lies and manipulation so that I can just get through my day with some semblance of a peaceful existence. I don’t go out or talk to friends so I don’t have to be met with resistance. My needs cannot exist, or the delicate balance will upset. I call this life the “Comfortable Hell”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very “Facebook Happy” with all the fun vacations and drinks on patios but there is an underlying sadness and anger that seems to to always be present.  A sort of misery that nags at you, yet not enough to do anything about it.  It will eventually, however, become so loud that the only option will be to address it in a way you never have before.

Now let me tell you who I REALLY am. I am a leader. I’d go as far to say that I am a real SOVEREIGN Wonder Woman. I am a spiritual teacher and intuitive coach that has guided many women in expanding their consciousness and getting un-stuck from situations that seem hopeless. I help them have the eyes to see what they haven’t yet been able to see. I teach boundaries and how to stick to them, unflinchingly. I am also a great mom, and I know that to be true because my children mirror back such amazing and inspiring words when they speak.

Living in this duality, I suppose that also makes me a hypocrite… so I’m here to tell my story so I can set that all straight and ONLY be the SOVEREIGN Wonder Woman I was put on this earth to be. I’m going to write so that I can finally heal and be a true healer.  I am also writing for you, my fellow Wonder Women.  If I can peel away the blinders and jump into freedom, so can you… I know that for sure.

Explore Strategies for Happiness and delve deeper into my role as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Transformational Coach, and Visionary! Feel free to book your very own Transformation Coaching sessions and explore the fascinating world of Astrological Alignment readings. Together, we’ll unleash your inner potential and create a life that’s truly fulfilling!