We Are Our Own Worst Critic!

Do you find yourself putting yourself down? When someone gives you a compliment do you always have something negative to say instead of just saying thank you? In this episode you will find ways to help counteract those negative thoughts and help see yourself in a positive way.  Hope this information helps you realize how […]

Judgement: Point One Finger, Three Pointing At You

Mirror mirror on the walll, why do we judge when our reflection says it all. We all judge. It’s in our human nature but have you ever stopped to think why we cast certain judgements on others? Often when we judge it is a reflection of something we do ourselves. Tune in to get a […]

Comfort Comes After Doing The Uncomfortable

A lot of us find ourselves day in day out living a life we aren’t happy in. A lot of it has to do with comfort. It’s hard to make a decision to change. It’s uncomfortable to do what seems illogical. It’s easier to just stay where you are at, but in the end, staying […]

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy, You’re Not a Dog

Light hearted but deep at the same time. Talks about how we, women especially, try to please everyone. We don’t say no enough. We do these things out of fear of being abandoned, not liked, to avoid conflict…. But in the end we really are just losing ourselves and not setting boundaries. Listen in! Hopefully […]


Our very first episode engages listeners by allowing them to hear our experiences in life and the consciousness they have brought us. Ultimately we want to share our journeys in hopes to connect with others, help people grow, and find happiness. Sarah SaxbySarah Saxby is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Transformation Coach, and blogger that uses […]