Our Wounds Follow Us on Vacation

Paradise is no longer on the outside because our wounds aren’t going away when we’re on a beach – yes, our wounds follow us on vacation.

How Do You Feel About You?

Things are so different today, and I’m not talking only about me, things are way different for everyone. Time is moving so fast and situations are condensed. Nothing is dragged out for years anymore.

Tradeoffs Are Expensive

Tradeoffs Are Expensive, featured image, Comfortable Hell

Continuing to push your desires under the rug will not last, you will inevitably be forced to live them. The choice is ALWAYS yours, but tradeoffs will get more expensive as time goes on.

Change Is for Other People

image of a man on the floor with both hands hugging his legs and head resting on his knees, representing the article "Change Is for Other People" by Comfortable Hell

Opportunities to do what you NEVER thought you could do – make those tough changes that only “other” people are strong enough to make.

Where Is Your Skinny Cow?

In a hurry, the man runs to get his skinny cow and heads to the village to sell it, it’s all he had.

Indifference Is Kryptonite

Indifference Is Kryptonite, featured image

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That’s why I stayed so long. You were an enemy and my soul knew it. I wanted to keep you near to me because I was more afraid of what you would do from a distance. Your insecurities and insatiable need to self-protect compelled you to hover, […]

How I Learned To Accept Intrusion As Normal

How I Learned To Accept Intrusion As Normal, featured image

If you search the word “intrusion” in the dictionary, it comes up with similar words like “trespass,” “encroachment,” and “invasion.” Those words also hit home for me.