How I Learned To Accept Intrusion As Normal

How I Learned To Accept Intrusion As Normal, featured image

If you search the word “intrusion” in the dictionary, it comes up with similar words like “trespass,” “encroachment,” and “invasion.” Those words also hit home for me.

I Knew He Loved Me, Although He Couldn’t Say It

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Thinking back, I really did know that he loved me – probably more than he was able to deal with. I believe he loved all of us so much that he didn’t know how to handle it, and in turn, express it.

The House of Cards

house of cards, featured image

I sometimes feel that if I actually stood up for myself, even at 8 years old, my family would have cowered. I will never know if that’s true, but it feels like that now. It was like a house of cards that I could have knocked down so easily if I knew my real power.

A Comfortable Hell

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I am really no different from anyone with respect to choosing hell over happy. I’ve been doing it for most of my life. The difference is that I am beginning to connect the dots, to see the roadblocks and how to bring them down.