How Did I Allow This to Happen?

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When I listen to the recordings that I made during this torture, it makes me so incredibly sick. How did I allow this to happen?

Et Tu, Brute?

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We have been conditioned to believe that the only real abuse is the physical kind. That’s certainly the most obvious, but it doesn’t mean it’s the most painful.

If I Was Sick, I Was Completely Useless

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It could be a headache or a cold – all things that inhibit your ability to fully cater to his or her needs. This causes the abuser to suffer a “narcissistic injury.”

Shout Out to The Person Who Wanted to Erase My Memory

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We need to know that we’re not alone, we’re not stupid or weak, we just couldn’t see the relationship for what it was and we didn’t have the voice to speak. It takes time, courage, and the help of friends to open our eyeballs.

The House of Cards

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I sometimes feel that if I actually stood up for myself, even at 8 years old, my family would have cowered. I will never know if that’s true, but it feels like that now. It was like a house of cards that I could have knocked down so easily if I knew my real power.