Indifference Is Kryptonite

Indifference Is Kryptonite, featured image

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That’s why I stayed so long. You were an enemy and my soul knew it. I wanted to keep you near to me because I was more afraid of what you would do from a distance. Your insecurities and insatiable need to self-protect compelled you to hover, […]

How Did I Allow This to Happen?

How Did I Allow This to Happen_featured image

When I listen to the recordings that I made during this torture, it makes me so incredibly sick. How did I allow this to happen?

I Wasn’t Ready for Healthy

I Wasn't Ready for Healthy, featured image

I just wasn’t strong enough yet and had to go through more learning experiences – I wasn’t ready for healthy.

Goose Was My Best Wingman

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Now things with Goose didn’t start off great. He didn’t trust me…like every single guy I’ve ever dated. I didn’t give him any reason not to trust me, but he didn’t.